Citriodiol® has been extensively tested in field and laboratory trials and has passed rigorous safety assessments.


Low Toxicity and Low Transdermal Absorption

Citriodiol® is not classified as a skin sensitiser or dermal irritant. It has been shown to have no phototoxic potential, no adverse reproductive or dermal developmental effect and pass the chromosome aberration test. Compared with other dermally applied actives, very little Citriodiol® is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, minimising the impact on the consumers body.


Suitable for Children

Our quantitative human health risk assessment supports application to children from 3 months. Due to reduced epidermis thickness  in children of this age, Citrefine recommend application from 6 months. Be aware that age restrictions may vary significantly by country (due to national regulations) so advise us of your specific requirements and markets.


Suitable for Pregnant and Nursing Women

While we have not conducted studies directly on pregnant women for ethical reasons, data generated from multi-generation toxicity studies, together with the very low rate of dermal absorption of Citriodiol®, supports unrestricted use by pregnant women.  This conclusion was supported by the US EPA.

Safe for the Environment

In addition to the many toxicological studies of Citriodiol® to ensure product safety for consumers and stability tests on PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastics, Citrefine has also conducted environmental testing to ensure that its products are not harmful to the environment: Citriodiol® is rapidly biodegradable, so will not build up to potentially harmful levels in our soils or waterways, unlike many synthetic alternatives such as DEET. Citriodiol® is also sourced from natural GMO-free plant oil, is organic and is not toxic to birds, honey bees and other insects beneficial to the environment.





Family and Environmentally Friendly



Safety data sheets (SDS) and certificates addressing the following aspects are available:

  • Does not contain GMOs
  • Is not hazardous for transport
  • Is not a carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction (CMR) substance
  • Does not contain nanomaterials
  • Is not classified as a persistent or toxic (PBT)
  • Has no TSE/BSE risk
  • Has no heavy metals




Citriodiol is the natural solution


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safety and efficacy studies


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The Natural Solution

Approved by ECOCERT and awarded the ECOVADIS certification


Citriodiol® has been approved by ECOCERT as a raw material that meet the COSMOS Standards for organic and natural ingredients

The guiding principles of COSMOS are to:

          • Promote the use of products from organic agriculture, and respect biodiversity
          • Use natural resources responsibly, and respect the environment
          • Use processing and manufacturing that are clean and respectful of human health and the  environment
          • Integrate and develop the concept of “Green Chemistry”

ECOCERT approval gives customers confidence that Citriodiol® is sourced and manufactured in a way that is totally aligned with the above principles. The ECOCERT approval is only given to raw materials that meet strict requirements regarding the origin of the material (e.g. not using GMOs, not endangering species) and the material must also meet strict criteria relating to processing of the material (e.g. use of starting materials with strict toxicity and biodegradability limits). As a COSMOS approved ingredient, Citriodiol® can be used in end-use products which are to be certified as COSMOS natural or COSMOS organic.


Citrefine have been awarded the ECOVADIS  Silver certification.

Citrefine has earned a Silver Medal, a recognition awarded to the Top 15% of companies assessed by EcoVadis.  It reflects the quality of the company’s sustainability management system and demonstrates a commitment to promoting transparency throughout the value chain. Ecovadis is recognised as the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. Businesses are assessed and scored on their Corporate Supplier Responsibility (CSR) across a range of sustainability criteria covering Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

The scorecard helps show areas of sustainability success, but also highlights any areas where improvement can be made, making it easier to score higher in the future. Caring for the people we work with and the way in which we impact the environment has always been important to Citrefine. This certification now helps communicate what we are doing to all of our customers and stakeholders and gives us a guide to continue improving.

US Consumer Report shows Citriodiol® products as effective as top synthetic alternatives and far SUPERIOR to other natural repellents.

Citriodiol is natural, sustainable and ethical


Laboratory and field trials show complete protection against a variety of mosquito species for up to 8 hours (including Aedes, Anopheles, Culex, Ochlerotatus and Psorophora genera).


US EPA approved study (2019) demonstrates complete protection against deer tick, lone star tick and brown dog tick for up to 10 hours.

Other insects and arthropods

Provides protection from Midges, Flies (including Sand flies and Stable flies), Land Leeches and Head Lice.

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