Citrefine International Limited is a British company founded over 25 years ago.  Committed to producing a naturally sourced active substance that is effective and safe for both consumers and the planet, Citrefine has been at the forefront of developments in this market for many years.

More than a quarter of a century ago a tropical disease specialist in the British Navy, Dr Paul Clarke, travelled to south-east Asia and saw first-hand the devastation caused by mosquito-borne diseases. On this same trip he learned about an age-old use of Eucalyptus citriodora oil as an insect repellent and wondered if this locally sourced remedy, involving a simple conversion of the essential oil, could be brought to the aid of other regions.

Working with his friend and business partner, Ian Hughes-Guy, the pair undertook a series of foundational tests to determine if the belief behind the oil’s repellency could withstand the rigour of scientific testing. The results were remarkable – matching those of the strongest synthetic alternatives. They called their product Citriodiol®, which recognised the citrus smell of the lemon eucalyptus oil and the high p-menthane-3,8-diol content resulting from its conversion.

Years of testing followed to support Citriodiol®’s safe human use as well as its safety in the environment.

25+ Years Experience

Inspired by first-hand experience witnessing the devastation of mosquito-borne disease, traditional natural remedies informed many years of scientific development and testing.



Pioneers of the natural plant-based insect repellent market, Citrefine are global industry leaders providing guidance and support to both product manufacturers and industry regulators.


Trust and Reliability

Well-established and proven global supply chains built on a deep commitment to sustainable and ethical production, customer service and community development.


Family owned and operated, our values-oriented operations are underpinned by our passion, integrity, respect and drive for continuous improvement and innovation.




  • To supply customers with the best, naturally sourced insect repellent active so that they can help consumers be happier & healthier
  • To provide our customers with a service they can count on, that is seen as highly professional and makes us suppliers of choice
  • To be seen as experts in our field, passionate about what we do and as having the planet’s best interests at heart
  • To provide our people with a great place to work and a real work-life balance, making them proud of what they do

Our Suppliers

Citrefine International obtains Eucalyptus citriodora oil from a handful of carefully selected sources. We work very closely with our oil producers and refiners to ensure a consistent supply of the best quality raw material for our process. We have several on-going projects to ensure supplies are maintained and the quality secure for the future, including having direct involvement with growers and plantations.

With regular visits to the plantations we are able to maintain and nurture our relationships with them and monitor their social and environmental practices. This activity over recent years has allowed us to forge strong relationships for the future and maintain supplies of the highest quality of oil available in the world. 

Review technical information about our plant-based active and download a Technical Data Sheet.

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