Faster route to market : take our formulation, brand it and… sell it!

In addition to supplying nature’s most effective insect repellent active, Citrefine has a number of off-the-shelf formulations, using Citriodiol® . These are available in different application types with long shelf lives and including sprays, bag on valve, eco-friendly aerosol, roll-on, lotions, sprayable emulsions.

  • Access registered formulations and avoid the lengthy regulatory process
  • No need to formulate or carry out efficacy testing
  • Access to a network of trusted manufacturers that can produce these formulations for you
We provide comprehensive end-to-end support for your insect repellent launch

We provide a range of advisory services and technical solutions for those that don’t have the expertise to formulate, register or manufacture insect repellents:

  • Product development, formulation and manufacturing support
  • Marketing messaging
  • Research, testing and regulatory expertise
  • Launch plan support

Whether you simply need a natural plant-based active ingredient, require regulatory or technical support, or access to proven pre-registered formulations across the world (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia), we are here to facilitate your route to market.


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Technical Information and Support

In-house laboratory and experienced scientists providing comprehensive research, product formulation development and testing support.

Marketing Support

End-to-end product commercialisation, retailer engagement and consumer marketing support, including product development, jurisdiction specific labelling, differentiation and consumer messaging advice.

Regulatory Approval Support

Dedicated research and regulatory affairs team facilitating fast and efficient product and ingredient registrations and approvals across multiple jurisdictions.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Reliable and geographically disparate supply chains supported by dedicated operations and fulfilment teams delivering globally

WATCH: An introduction to Citrefine and an overview of Citriodiol® (5:41)

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