Citrefine are Regulatory Approval Experts

As pioneers in the natural insect repellent market, Citrefine have invested heavily in efficacy and safety data sets, contributing to over 40 field and laboratory trials at a cost of over US$1m.

As the regulatory requirements for repellent products continue to grow, Citrefine have maintained their commitment to growing the industry and advising peak regulatory authorities, including as the Lead Member of the EU’s Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) Task Force.

Regulatory approval experts

Leveraging our vast research and testing knowledge base, our in-house technical and regulatory affairs teams facilitate rapid ingredient and product registration and approvals in multiple jurisdictions.

Regulatory Approvals

Leading authorities around the world recognise Citriodiol®’s first rate safety and efficacy, providing a unique level and breadth of accreditation for a plant-based active.

Efficacy Studies

Having been studied for over 20 years, Citriodiol® has been demonstrated to be far superior to other natural products and as effective as synthetics repellents.

Additional Consumer Reports and References

Independent consumer report testing further endorse OLE product efficacy, with numerous additional scientific studies supporting regulatory approvals.

Case Studies

As demand for naturally sourced insect repellents continue to drive category growth, leading brands and manufacturers around the world continue to partner with Citrefine on new product developments.

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive service and support.  Our technical, regulatory and product marketing experts can answer all your questions.

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