We understand the importance of speed-to-market, and can support this objective through dedicated regulatory support for new product development and market launches.

Product registration and approval experts

Registering a new insect repellent product can be a daunting and lengthy process.  Our experienced and dedicated regulatory support team can help you navigate this difficult process, providing guidance for product authorisation in multiple jurisdictions.

Our services include

  • Access to data supporting the active substance (AS) Citriodiol®
  • Access to data supporting our end user product formulations
  • Information on jurisdiction specific regulatory frameworks
  • Support & guidance with product authorisations/registrations
  • Access to supplemental registrations for pre-existing formulations in various jurisdictions
  • Assistance with classification and labelling
  • Guidance on insect repellence by species
  • Extensive expertise and support with EU BPR (Biocidal Product Regulations)

Citriodiol® has been reviewed and exceeded the highest standards, obtaining registration and end-use product approval from regulating agencies around the world. 

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