Behind the scenes at Citrefine

Another year, another number of opportunities that lie ahead. During the last two years of interruption, Citrefine has kept moving forward, working to drive innovation and redouble its pledge to sustainability, reliability, and efficacy.   Supporting our customers Citrefine has been supporting its customers around the world for more than 25 years in the production […]

Behind the scenes at Citrefine

Despite a turbulent 18-months of global challenges, Citrefine has welcomed a number of company developments, including considerable team growth. Continue reading to hear our latest updates and more.

New expanded laboratory

We are very excited to see what new advances our new facility will bring to Citrefine and our mission to provide the best naturally derived insect repellent we can.

Interview with Genevieve Faherty – Regulatory Affairs Director

Hi my name is Genevieve Faherty and I head up Citrefine’s Regulatory Affairs team. I have been doing this job for about 14 years and I really enjoy my work. One of the best parts about the work I do at Citrefine is the satisfaction that comes from doing something challenging and novel, which I believe benefits both consumers and the planet.

Interview with Jacqueline Watson – Managing Director

"Unquestionably it is the way the whole team at Citrefine has worked so well together, despite all the challenges thrown at us, to produce our best year ever. It is such a pleasure to work with each and every person at Citrefine - they all make my job easy."

Demand for naturally sourced repellents at all time high

The desire to buy ‘natural’ is one of the biggest factors for consumers when buying insect repellent, new findings reveal.*

The news follows extensive market research carried out by Citrefine International Ltd. 1200 consumers were surveyed in total across the United States and Europe, to gain insight into insect repellent shopping habits.

New study reveals deer ticks repelled by Citriodiol®

Citrefine’s Citriodiol® Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus repels deer ticks for almost five hours, a new study has revealed.

Conducted for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the study tested our active ingredient, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE) - sold under the tradename Citriodiol® OLE - against 3-species of ticks.

From leaf to shelf – Our green process…

Citriodiol® is nature’s most effective repellent. It has been protecting families and communities against bites and insect-borne diseases for over 25 years. 

But how is this active, derived from the unassuming Eucalyptus citriodora tree, transformed into a scientifically proven repellent?

US Environment Protection Agency approves removal of minimum age restriction on Citriodiol® product

Citrefine's standard 30% Citriodiol® spray has an excellent safety record and has been sold in the US for two decades. 

The active ingredient's long-standing safety record has been further supported by the EPA who have approved the use of registered Citriodiol® products on children of all ages.