Citriodiol®  is our registered trade name for the active Eucalyptus citriodora oil, hydrated, cyclized (EC Oil (H/C)), also known as “Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus” (OLE).


Approved by leading regulatory authorities around the world, Citriodiol® is as effective as synthetic actives such as DEET and far superior to other natural alternatives. Citriodiol® typically contains about 71% p-methane-3,8-diol (PMD), and is synergistically enhanced by the remaining naturally occurring plant oil constituents not contained in synthetic PMD, increasing its overall repellency.

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Citriodiol® is a naturally sourced active ingredient found in many insect repellents worldwide. This plant based active substance is sustainably and ethically sourced and has first-rate efficacy comparable to synthetic active substances, such as DEET.

Citriodiol® is produced from the distilled oil of Eucalyptus citriodora trees (also known as Corymbia citriodora) using an accelerated process that mimics what naturally occurs in the leaf, by converting the citronellal content into p-menthane-3,8-diol (PMD).

Unlike other essential oil based products, Citriodiol® has passed the most rigorous safety and efficacy tests. It has met the highest standards, obtaining registrations from some of the world’s leading authorities.

Commercialisation and Route-To-Market Support

We help clients produce and market naturally derived insect repellent products through unrivalled regulatory, technical, product development and market launch support.

Family and Environmentally Friendly

Exceeding the highest safety standards, Citriodiol® has low transdermal absorption, is GMO-free, organic and rapidly biodegradable, making it safe for the whole family and the environment.


Extensively tested in laboratory and field trials, leading authorities worldwide recognise Citriodiol®’s first-rate efficacy, providing a unique level of accreditation for a plant-based repellent.

History, Experience and Values

A trusted global partner and industry leader with over 25 years experience, we have an unwavering commitment to quality, consistent product delivery and exceptional customer service.

Nature’s repellent. Effective protection for the whole family.

VIDEO: An introduction to Citrefine and an overview of Citriodiol® (5:41)

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