The desire to buy ‘natural’ is one of the biggest factors for consumers when buying insect repellent, new findings reveal.*

The news follows extensive market research carried out by Citrefine International Ltd.


1200 consumers were surveyed in total across the United States and Europe, to gain insight into insect repellent shopping habits. 

Over three quarters of those surveyed said they would opt for a naturally derived insect repellent over a synthetic (chemical-based) one. 

The results also showed the majority of consumers would expect an insect repellent to have a distinctive smell, regardless of the ingredients. So, an insect repellent having an aroma such as lemon or eucalyptus was not important or an off-putting factor. 

It was felt essential that the product be highly effective. Furthermore most consumers believe natural repellents are better for the environment compared to synthetic alternatives. 

“We are certainly seeing increased demand for our naturally sourced repellent from international customers. Our active ingredient – Citriodiol®– derived from oil of lemon eucalyptus, is proven to be just as effective as synthetic alternatives. Not only that, it is kinder to both the skin and the planet,” says Citrefine’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Federico Baldi.

“As awareness of this has grown, so has its popularity and the market research was resounding proof of how people are now turning more towards natural products,” he added.

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