Citrefine International are delighted to announce the recent launch of consumer information portal.  The new website provides a quick reference resource for consumers researching the features and benefits of this market leading natural insect repellent active. also provides detailed answers to end-user’s most frequently asked questions.

Citriodiol® is a natural, plant-based insect repellent effective against mosquitos, ticks, flies, midges and other insects and arthropods.  Citriodiol® is scientifically proven to be as effective as leading synthetic products, and far superior to alternative natural repellents.  Importantly, the portal highlights that Citriodiol® has passed rigorous safety assessments, ensuring it is safe for the whole family and the environment, and is sustainably and ethically produced.

The Citriodiol® active is widely used around the world by leading insect repellent brands, and in some markets is known as Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus and Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil, Hydrated, Cyclised (EC Oil (H/C)). According to Citrefine’s Director of Sales and Marketing Federico Baldi, this new consumer portal will support the company’s existing website. “We believe it is a valuable tool for both Citrefine and our customers.  A place for brands using Citriodiol® to direct their own customers for information, and to help raise the Citriodiol® profile and spread the word on how effective it is as an insect repellent active.”

Digital resources such as are increasingly empowering consumer and end-users to make informed choices about the efficacy, safety and sustainability of the products they purchase, and the values and ethics of the company’s that produce them.  Citrefine International support this consumer desire for transparency and accountability and welcome the opportunity to share how Citriodiol® is the world’s most effective natural insect repellent active.

The Citriodiol® user information portal is already live at ( – A natural, plant-based insect repellent)

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