Since our last update, we celebrated Earth Day with some green initiatives and have created some new case studies, which will be of interest. Below you can also read the results from our latest survey in the USA on insect repellent shopping habits and our advice on how you can support ethical practices during your own sourcing, manufacturing and distribution processes.  

The future for Citrefine is bright

At Citrefine, we are continuously researching the development of innovation, environmentally responsible solutions to insect bite management. Hear from our Managing Director, Jacqueline Watson, who shares what the next 25 years look like for our thriving business:

How sustainability efforts can improve your business’s bottom line

We have been committed to ensuring that we have sustainable supply chains and production methods for over 25 years. In April, Jacqueline Watson spoke to Helen Sydney Adams at Sustainability magazine on why companies should look to supply chain sustainability and ethics as a business investment.

Helping customers advance sustainability credentials

Read more about our work in our recent case studies, helping our customers produce and market naturally derived insect repellent products around the world. Find out more about our USDA Certified Biopreferred® Status, our global regulatory team and the benefits of using insect repellents over insecticides.

A #BillionActsOfGreen

On Earth Day, we launched our own Act of Green as part of the global campaign to protect the planet, asking individuals and organisations across the world for their pledge to use insect repellents instead of insecticides. Helping drive this initiative was our newly-formed Green Team, comprised of volunteers from every department at Citrefine, which aims to deliver internal initiatives to help our employees to live and work more sustainably.

In celebration of Earth Day, Jacqueline Watson, also shared her advice in an article explaining small lifestyle changes we can all make to help the planet and why our choices are so important.

Consumer survey results

We recently conducted a consumer survey about insect repellent application methods, purchasing priorities, packaging and ingredient considerations.

The results came as no surprise: consumers still prioritise environmentally-friendly products and naturally-sourced substances in personal care products, such as insect repellents. In fact, our research demonstrates that an overwhelming majority of consumers are willing to spend more on environmentally-friendly insect repellent products. 28% of people surveyed would pay between $3-$5, while 21% would pay more than $5 to ensure that the product they use is environmentally responsible.

The research also highlights that 28% of consumers will always choose a natural, or plant-based, product when there is a choice. Keep your eyes peeled for further survey results covering different markets in due course.

Celebrating cultural diversity 

The United Nations’ World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development took place in May. We are proud to have colleagues who represent a diverse range of nationalities, from the UK and America, Moldova and Italy.

Here’s to another 25 years of cultural diversity and sustainability!

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you manufacture and market naturally sourced insect repellents, please get in touch.


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