1.  What insect bites does Citriodiol® protect against?

Citriodiol® is effective against disease carrying insects such as Mosquitoes, Ticks, Sand Flies, Black Flies and Stable Flies. It also repels annoying insects such as Midges and Land Leeches which can lead to infected insect bites.



2.  Can I call it “natural”?

Citriodiol® is a naturally derived substance and only undergoes a single simple process during production. There are restrictions on the use of the word “Natural” in certain jurisdictions as some regulatory authorities believe that the use of this word conveys a meaning of safety to consumers.  In those jurisdictions, using the term “natural” on the label is not permitted.  However, there are very similar words and phrases which can be used such as “Botanical”, “Lemon Eucalyptus” and “Plant-based” which can convey the real environmental benefits of this active while complying with regulations.

Citriodiol® has been certified by ECOCERT as raw material that meets The COSMOS Standards for organic and natural ingredients. As a COSMOS approved ingredient, Citriodiol® can be used in end-use products which are to be certified as COSMOS natural or COSMOS organic.

The ECOCERT approval is only given to raw materials that meet the strict requirements regarding the origin of the material (e.g. not using GMOs, no endangered species). The material must also meet strict criteria relating to processing of the material (e.g. use of starting materials with strict toxicity and biodegradability limits).



3.  Is it environmentally friendly?

In order to harvest the leaves of the citriodora trees for steam distillation, the trees are coppiced. This means that just the younger leaves and small branches are cut back for production, and the trunk and larger branches continue to grow. Hence the process of harvesting is sustainable. In addition, the by-product of the steam distillation which is used to draw the oil from the leaves and twigs is spread back onto the trees as a fertilizer to encourage future growth. To understand more about our process please click here.



4.  Can I use the Citriodiol® logo on my products?

We encourage our customers to use the trademark “Citriodiol®” in connection with the marketing and sale of consumer goods which contain Citriodiol® as the sole active substance. We do have guidelines for the use of our trademark however, so please let us know if you wish to use our trademark and we can send these to you


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