As well as supplying the active ingredient, Citriodiol, we provide a range of advisory and support services to help our clients manufacture and sell insect repellents, in new and existing markets. Whether you simply want a naturally sourced active substance, require technical or regulatory support, or need access to proven and registered formulations, we are here to help. Citrefine International is a responsive, reliable and knowledgeable partner who will help you bring the best possible product to market in an efficient and effective manner.


Supply of Citriodiol®

Maybe you are looking to add a non-synthetic insect repellent to your existing product range, or have the in-house expertise to develop, register and bring a new product to market yourself. If this is the case, Citrefine can simply supply you with the Citriodiol® active substance. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 25Kg, and can be shipped all over the world. Each order will be shipped with an MSDS and a Certificate of Analysis.

If you require a sample of Citriodiol® for testing purposes, we can arrange this upon request.


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Product formulations

Citrefine Citriodiol product formulations

Citrefine has a number of off-the-shelf formulations, using Citriodiol® as the active substance. These are available in different application types depending on your, or the market preference. These are sprays, a roll-on, a stick and a cream.

  • Provides a faster route to market – no need to formulate or carry out efficacy testing
  • Provides a solution for those that don’t have the expertise to formulate a product(s)
  • Access to supplemental registrations in various jurisdictions – avoid the regulatory process
  • Access to toll manufacturers that can produce these formulations for you – no need to find a manufacturer
  • Take the formulation, brand it, sell it

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Regulatory support

Citrefine Citriodiol regulatory support

Registering a Biocidal Product can be a daunting and lengthy process. Our dedicated regulatory team can help you to navigate this difficult stage, and offer support in many regions throughout the world. In the regions where we are not currently present, we have extensive contacts with consultants in many different countries, and can help build a picture of the requirements for each jurisdiction.

  • Access to data supporting the active substance (AS)
  • Access to data supporting our end use product formulations
  • Support & guidance with product authorisations/registrations
  • Extensive support with EU BPR (Biocidal Product Regulations)
  • Assistance with classification and labelling
  • Information on regulatory frameworks in countries where we operate
  • Access to supplemental registrations for pre-existing formulations in various jurisdictions
  • Guidance on insect repellence by species

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Technical support

Citrefine Citriodiol backed by science

Our in-house technical team have state of the art equipment including a GC-MS and a full range of equipment to replicate our production process and formulations in the laboratory for development, analysis and quality control. We have the expertise to support you every step of the way

  • Help & guidance on formulations
  • Advice on analytical methods
  • Assistance with classification and labelling

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