Study 1.

Blackwell (2013)


A.  Test article 

  • 30% Citriodiol® pump spray product (Mosi-guard Natural® Spray)


B.  Testing standards

  • This was a field study conducted in conformance with OPPTS 810.3700 and, where applicable WHO guidance and the TnG on PT19 efficacy testing.  There is no direct guidance in this TnG on midge testing.
  • It was of note that midge colonies do not typically survive for testing in laboratory conditions and hence field trials are preferred for this species.
  • An application rate much lower than the industry standard of 1.0ml/600cm².
  • 6 human subjects.
  • Negative control arms of each subject were used to establish % protection.  Complete protection time was also measured.
  • A positive DEET controlled was used to confirm appropriate testing conditions.


C.  Species

95% of the midges observed in this trial were Culicoides spp. biting midges.  This is a species commonly found in northern Europe.


D.  Results

The 30% Mosi-guard Natural® Spray provided a mean of 65% protection at 4 hours and complete protection for 2 hours.  Significant decreases in protection occurred after this time, suggesting that where midges are not pathogen carriers, reapplication every 4 hours is appropriate


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